Vincy’s Spring Hill Resort is an eco friendly project to promote and conserve nature and maintain the ecosystem balance with eco friendly methods of operation.
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V 365 Green Valley & Botanical Garden Farmagudi  
Vincy’s Spring Hill Resort Loutulim, Salcete South GoaVincy’s Spring Hill Resort Loutulim, Salcete South GoaVincy’s Spring Hill Resort Loutulim, Salcete South Goa

Welcome to Goa & India at this Exotic Adventure, wonderful “ V 365 Green Valley & Botanical Garden” which is located at “ Quenttoly ” Survey No.224/3, Beind Hotel Atish, Farmagudi, Ponda – Goa. A village surrounded by Major Historic Temples like Mangeshi, Mahalsa, Ganpati abd Shantadurga, Churches, Mosque monuments like SAfa Masjid unadulterated Nature & Scenic beauty.

A placewhere you can mentally relax from your trouble and immerse yourself in nature’s bountiful beauty. This place is easly accessible from all major cities of Goa namely Panjim, Mapusa, Vasco, Margao & Ponda, “ V 365 Green Valley & Botanical Garden” is the ideal destination form a day and or for relaxing getaway.

Goa is well know for its hospitality and all our guest are well cared for. Upon arrival you are greeted with a garland of flowers and Traditional Goan welcome ceremony with Aarti. Our courteous and well informed staff will then proceed to take you on refreshing walk around the plantation farm and interior of “Kulaghar” where you will be enlightened on the various Botanical plants that are grown in abundance in the Heritage Village.

Tracking around this place can be Eco Friendly one. Our person will brief you about the various plants their Medicinal values like Linsulin Plants and Curry Leaves which are good for Diabetic, and of Chillies, Cloves, Elaichi, Coriander, Black Pepper, Mustard seeds, Vanilla, Cinnamom, Nutmeg, Anjir, Cashew Distillery, Sandalwood Tree, Cotton Tree ( more than 800 years old).

A famous plant called “ All Spice Plant ” which has aroma &tate of five spices. You can alos enjoy the view & traditional plantation, of trees like Beetlnut ( Arecanut), Cashew, Jack Fruit, Papayas, Aloeveras, Pineapples, custard Apples, Mangoes, Cocnut & Star Fruits. This place also has a “ Sandal Wood” Trees which is reare sight in Goa. It is also a wonderful place for Bird watching as different types of birds come here for theis catch. You can also enjoy watching Monkey as they frolic on the trees and only natural place to see the water coming from spring (Zaro).

After our Guided Trip you are served Goa’s & World’s famous Kaju Feni or Urraq to keep your spirit high which is prepared at out farm (on Demand). The choices of Traditional Goan Saraswat Cuisine Manu will be available which are served & is delightdul & awaits you in out Oen Air Restaurant in the shades of a 800 Year Old Cotton Tee. As you enjoy Traditional Goan Falk Dances & song perfoarmed by our Artist.

Feel your worries fade away as you immerse yourself in the nature around you. The Mild Scent of Plants & flowers Infuse, your being with a mesemerised a cause od serenity that your mind is relaxed and rejuvenates the senses.

Spend the later part of the afternoon around the Natural Spring Water Pond as Birds & Butterflies fill the surroundings with color & songs. A delightful evening Tea later reluctantly farewell to he Staff and Friends you have made. As we bid adieu and look forward to meeting you again soon & we hope this tour will refresh your senses and make you feel part of nature. “ Bon Voyage” “ V365 Green Valley Botanical Garden”.

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