Vincy’s Spring Hill Resort is an eco friendly project to promote and conserve nature and maintain the ecosystem balance with eco friendly methods of operation.
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Atreya Vedic Farm, Western Ghats at Molem  
Vincy’s Spring Hill Resort Loutulim, Salcete South GoaVincy’s Spring Hill Resort Loutulim, Salcete South GoaVincy’s Spring Hill Resort Loutulim, Salcete South Goa

Set amidst nature’s abundance at the foothills of the Western Ghats at Molem in Atreya Vedic Farm, a truly unique ecotourism venture. It has been conceived and nurtured by environmental activist, Nirmala Sawant, who belives in greening the planet today for better tomorrow. The 36 acre estate comprises of sylan forest land, wooded fgroves, perfumed tropical gardens, an orchard, an astrological plant park, Charak Vatika – a medicinal plantation, and above all, Prasidica Butterfly House.

For those who are simply interested in a day-long rendezvous with nature at its best, Atreya Vedic Farm is the ideal place to head for.

Charak Vatika
Atreya Vedic Farm is focused on preserving ad raising approximately 150 medicinal and aromatic plants and spices. From the Indian Pennywort to the Spearmint, and from the Java Plum to the Stone Apple, the amazing wealth of medicinal plants will leave you awestruck . At the end of your guided trip through Charak Vatika, your knowledge of medicinal plants will be enhanced and you’ll be rooting for a herbal lifestyle!

Astrological Plant Park
The Astrological Plant Park, the first and only one of its kind in Goa, s a beautiful green enclave. Making their presence felt here are 9 plants subscribing o the grada (planets), 12 tress representing the rashi (zodiac signs) and 27 types of plants and trees constituting the nakshatrs (constellations). According to Verdic astrology, the heavenly bodies are linked to this diverse range of plants which can improve and individual’s life through nature’s balancing powers.Meditation blocks placed beneath each astrological tree beckon you to connect with nature and imbibe its positive energy.

Prasidica Butterfly House
Atreya Verdic Farm boasts of the first of its kind butterfly house in Goa. Basking in the sun at one end of the property is an enormous enclosure expressly designed for viewing of the indigenous winged beauties. Tropical plants and colourful flowers fill the Prasidica Butterfly House together with swarms of free-flying butterflies, ensuring that it remains the most kaleidoscopic spot at the estate. Stroll through their natural habitat and get up close and personal with these attractive insects nickname the ‘ Flying Flowers

Restaurant and Souvenir Shop
Authentic Goan vegetarian fare, which makes use of farm-fresh ingredients, is served at the rustic restaurant. Visitors can select from the exhaustive range of artefacts and handicrafts on sale on the souvenir shop.

Wild life and Birding
Wildlife enthusiasts are invited to wander through Atreya Vedic Farm’s untamed interiors and take in the sights, sound and smells of the forest. Shoot - o your camera only – monkeys playing hide-and-seek amongst the leafy boughs, fleet-footed deer gamboling in their natural habitat and bushy-tailed squirrels gnawing seeds. Avid birdwatchers will be fascinated by the sheer variety of feathered beauties that call Atreya Verdic Farm their home.

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